Proposal Hotel Balloon Decoration


Proposal Hotel Balloon Decoration

Balloon Specification

We are Certified Balloon Artists ( CBA ) under the Brand Qualatex and believe in safe practices in our industry. Our products are all made in USA, Canada.

Material: Manufactured by USA Brand Qualatex

Size and product description:

  1. 30 x 11″ Helium Free Floating Balloons on the ceiling
  2. 30 x 11″ Airfilled Balloons on the floor
  3. 6 x 18″ Foil Heart Balloon, individually weighted and tied to different heights
  4. 1 x 24″ Custom Bubble Balloon with 6 x 5″ Stuffing and 1 x Tassel 

All balloons are delivered helium and air filled.


Add-ons total:


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Proposal Hotel Balloon Decoration

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Additional on other gift options

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      • Flowers
        • Flower Box
        • Everlasting Flowers
        • Bouquet
        • Flower Stand
        • Flower Arrangement
      • Cakes
        • Rainbow Cake
        • Customised Cake
        • Chocolate Cake
        • Lychee Rose Cake
      • Macarons ( Bonheur Patisserie )
      • Jewellery ( Luxequisite )
      • Or any other items you can think of!



You can choose from any colour of your choice or let us decide for you. Moreover, all you need to do is to let us know a colour theme and we will mix and match them for you. Simply request for the colour chart or WhatsApp us at +65 9816 0421.

Stock Availability

If there’s going to be a replacement due to our products being out of stock, we will inform you.


For all print jobs, we will need 10 working days. Thus if your design is confirmed within the 10 working days, there’ll be an additional charge from $50 onwards.


Firstly, our Team deliver the balloons in the freshest way possible, to maximise floating time as well as maintaining the aesthetics of it.

Secondly, we will only hand over the order in perfect conditions.

Therefore if the balloons pop after we leave, we will not be liable for it, unless it’s due to a manufacturing defect.

Please take care of it well and transport them safely.

Why do balloons pop?

  • Wind
  • Heat
  • Rough Play
  • Rough Surfaces ( Including small paint drips, uneven surfaces, any wall with textures, door hinge, metal joining on ceiling etc )
  • Plants ( A lot of plants have small thorns not visible to the eyes and they cause the balloons to pop, avoid them at all cost )
  • Particles
  • Temperature ( Too hot and the helium will expand, thus causing the balloons to pop, too cold and the helium will contract, thus causing the balloons to look deflated. You can use a straw and puff some air in. This happens often in Singapore as the temperature outdoors and in air-conditioned areas differ quite a bit )

Care and safety

Balloon will be inflated with 100% helium gas ( Non-flammable ) only. We do not use any other flammable gas.

The floating time of the balloons:

      • Outdoors 8-10 hours
      • Indoors 10-12 hours

Warning: Please ensure adult supervision as uninflated balloons can be a potential choking hazard for children below 24 months. As a result, all uninflated balloons should be kept out of reach from children and broken balloons should be discarded. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, as it can be a health hazard. Similarly, this applies to adults as well. ( We know who are the ones trying to inhale them 😉 )

Balloon Release

For more information on balloon release, refer to the following website.

Worth the Weight: Balloons Should Not Be Released.

Additionally, please be responsible in keeping our environment safe for the animals.


Actual product may differ from the image of our products, however we will best replica them. Adding on, do note that there may be a slight difference in colours due to the lighting of the photo taken on the spot. Lastly, we will inform you if there’s any replacement due to products being out of stock.

We will hand over the balloons in perfect conditions. For this reason, do check your product upon receiving as we will not be liable for them after we leave the venue. For example, the balloons popping due to mishandling ( balloons are hard to transport ) and rough play as well as weather change.


Balloon Blasters

We offer 24/7 balloon delivery in Singapore.

For urgent orders, do contact us at +9816 0421. You can WhatsApp or call us for more enquiries.

Adding on, you can also customised your Proposal Hotel Balloon Decoration with us.