There is nothing like party games in Balloon Blasters.

We believe in engaging the kids and parents fully in our sessions!

Our games are carried out according to the theme of the party.

From themes like The Amazing Race, The Ultimate Bootcamp, Sports Party, Dance Party and many more!

Games can either be land games, pool games or even BOTH!

With more than 10 years of party games experience, we can guarantee that your kids will still be talking about it years later!



Party Games Choices:

  • Land Games 
  • Land and Pool Games
  • Pool Games
  • Amazing Race


*Pool Games

Kids must be able to swim 

*Age range for games

Land - 5 years - 16 years old 

Pool - 6 yearrs and above

* Dance Instructor

Additional Charges applies



Materials provided

Instructor Ratio: Strictly 1 : 10 kids